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Less than two months to go!


Napier, August 7, 2016: excitement is mounting with less than two months until “OCDX”, the Oceania DX contest at the start of October. The contest will be a fantastic opportunity for DXers everywhere to bag a new one or fill those empty Oceania DXCC and IOTA slots.

Oceania DXpeditions taking place during OCDX 2016 include: VK9NZ, H40GC, H44GC, T30COW and VK9L (by W1SRD).

OCDX serves as a practice or warm-up event for contest groups planning to enter the CQ WorldWide DX contest at the ends of October and November - a chance to try out the contest station under actual contest conditions, test the antennas, radios and computers, and gel as a team ... or indeed to build the station and team. You are missing a trick if you have never participated in a multi-operator contest with a bunch of radio pals - an experience not to be missed.

This year’s OCDX contest takes place over two adjacent weekends: 1-2 October (phone) and 8-9 October (CW). Both events start at 0800z on Saturday, ending 24 hours later at 0800z on Sunday. These dates and times are UTC.

There are single- and multi-operator sections, and categories for high power, barefoot and QRP stations. The Phone and CW events, and Oceania and DX entrants, are tabulated separately. There are impressive trophies and plaques on offer for top competitors, certificates for the winners within each country and continent, and everyone receives a participation certificate.

For more information including the 2016 rules and news of announced operations, plus results, soapbox comments and records from previous events, browse around the new-look OCDX website at www.OceaniaDXcontest.com.  Bookmark the main page and watch the countdown timer ticking away the seconds until the off.


About the contest: originally known as the VK/ZL Contest, “OCDX” the Oceania DX contest (http://www.OceaniaDXcontest.com) has been running since the 1930s. Participation is strong and growing.  With promotion by the joint Australian and New Zealand contest committee, activity levels have increased both within Oceania and beyond: more than a thousand logs were received for the 2015 event including over 300 entrants from Oceania (3D2, 9M6, DU, KH2, KH6, KH8, NH0, NH2, P29, TX3, V73, V85, VK, YB and ZL). Some 23 new continental records were set in 2015.

Oceania DX Contest news contact:  Gary ZL2iFB  news@oceaniaDXcontest.com  

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