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Oceania DX Contest 2016 results

2016 HS0ZIA

Napier, May 21, 2017: the results of the 2016 Oceania DX Contest have been published on the OCDX website (www.OceaniaDXcontest.com).  Congratulations to all the participants, especially the winners who triumphed over poor radio conditions.

Low solar activity in the PHONE section, and high QRN in the South Pacific for the CW section, made the OCDX contest one of the more challenging events.  Nevertheless, we are delighted to report an increase in the number of entrants: 1,192 logs were received, a pleasing advance on 2015’s total of 1,169. 

Participation from Oceania and Asia increased, especially Indonesia, the Philippines, East Malaysia and Hawaii. Activity from 9M6, A35, DU, KH0, KH2, V85, and VK9 was very welcome.  Encouragement for newcomers to contesting in Indonesia included a contest-within-a-contest to earn teeshirts sponsored by enthusiastic YB elmers.

Remarkably, despite the challenges, some 26 new continent records and 144 new country records were set in 2016.

“It is hard to work with VK or ZL with low power and wire vertical on the balcony” said DD5KG. “Fortunately, there were a few stations with big antennas able to read even my weak signals!”.  Many entrants commented on the poor conditions. “Someone built a Faraday Cage around Australia” said VK3NCC, “and the S8 QRN was unbelievable.”   JK7DWD told us “Many thanks to all who were patient with me pulling calls. Every QSO is appreciated.”  The final comment from ZL2AGY sums it up.  “Roll on next year!”

Browse the results page for more information about the 2016 event including the results summary and detailed scores, all the soapbox comments plus photos of the leading entrants and their stations.


About the contest: originally known as the VK/ZL Contest, the Oceania DX Contest (http://www.OceaniaDXcontest.com) has been running since the 1930s. This year’s event will be held on October 7-8 2017 (phone) and October 14-15 2017 (CW).

Image credits: the photo above shows HS0ZIA’s record-breaking multi-two entry in the PHONE section. Contact us for further photographs of their impressive superstation.

The OceaniaDXcontest logo was created by the OCDX contest committee and placed in the public domain - you are welcome to reproduce it.

Oceania DX contest news contact:  Gary ZL2iFB  news@oceaniaDXcontest.com  

This is PR 2016-6, the final press release concerning the 2016 Oceania DX Contest.  We will start the PR 2017 series soon.

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