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May 21 2017 OCDX PR2016-6 May 21 2017: Oceania DX contest 2016 results published MORE

The 2016 Oceania DX contest results were published on May 21st 2017. 

2016 HS0ZIA

Sorry for the QRX to update the website: I have been extraordinarily busy clearing fallen trees and finding a broken water pipe in the forest after cyclone Cook hit us on the East coast of ZL in mid-April. We have a huge pile of firewood - several in fact - but at least we can use the main tracks and drink now! I have uploaded a stack of photos from 2016, and a couple of historic station photos too.  If you notice any mistakes, or have more photos and information for the site, please email me.   73 de Gary ZL2iFB (your apologetic webmaster).


Contest preparation and operating tips

If you have never entered a contest before but think you might like to give it a go, take a look at our special advice for newcomers to contesting.

DXcluster and the Reverse Beacon Network provide a steady stream of workable spots.  Cluster use is permitted in all sections of the OCDX contest.  Visually monitoring a cluster web page such as DXsummit is OK but it’s much more efficient if your logging software  connects to a cluster via Telnet and highlights spots for new multipliers on the band map.  Perhaps something worth exploring ahead of the 2017 contest?  Do it soon to avoid the panic in October!N1MM Logger+ auto update new version

By the way, be sure to load and run your logging software in good time before the contest starts and get everything set up right.  N1MM Logger+, for instance, will offer to update itself to the latest release if not already installed - not something you want to be doing in the last few seconN1MM Logger+ OCDX setupds before the off! 

Configure the contest in the New log in database dialogue under the File menu above thN1MM Logger+ OCDX category setupe QSO entry panel: select OCEANIASSB or OCEANIACW in the list of supported contests.  Enter the contest start date (e.g. 1 October for the SSB event - it should already have the 0800z start time) and select whichever category you intend to operate.  If you’re not sure, there’s a convenient button to bring you back to this website to check the rules.

If you would like to operate the contest from Oceania, you have a vast choice of locations in the Pacific but not all Pacific islands qualify, so look for blue pins on the map and double-check that “OC” appears in the continent column of the official WAC award list.

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