Oceania DX Contest 2017 results to come

2017 E28AI 500The results of OCDX 2017 will be released here as soon as possible.  If everything goes to plan, we expect the 2017 results will be released in our Autumn, possibly May 2018.  Thank you for waiting patiently while the committee:

  • Receives and pre-checks submitted logs, plus soapbox comments and photos
  • Deals with queries, invalid/late submissions etc.
  • Compiles a database of contest QSOs
  • Cross-checks QSOs between logs, dealing with any anomalies and concerns
  • Scores the checked logs
  • Prepares the results tables, drafting and proofreading the results articles for publication
  • Publishes the results!
  • Identifies the winners of awards, preparing the certificates and plaques then packaging and mailing them to winners
  • Liaises with our sponsors and other interested parties
  • Updates this website from time to time as further information becomes available
  • Starts the process of checking/updating the rules and promoting the 2018 OCDX contest

With over 1,000 entries to check each year and keen competition for the top slots, there’s a lot of painstaking work going on behind the scenes that inevitably takes time to complete.  We would love to complete the checking and publish the results sooner.  However, given all your efforts to participate, we believe it is important to be thorough, accurate and most of all fair to everyone concerned.

Previous OCDX contest results

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OCDX all-time records

The Oceania DX contest records are listed by mode, country and continent:

Phone:  Country records  Continent records

CW:  Country records   Continent records


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