During October, please upload your OCDX logs in Cabrillo format through the
online log submission system at www.b4h.net/ocdx/submitlog.php


Cabrillo log submission


All logs are very welcome during October
from transmitting stations and Short Wave Listeners. 

Every submitted log with at least one valid QSO qualifies for a participation certificate. 

Checklogs are also helpful for cross-checking and scoring QSOs,
identifying busted callsigns and resolving other possible errors.

If your logging software uses ADIF but cannot generate Cabrillo directly, you can convert from ADIF to Cabrillo ...
or import the ADIF into a logger such as N1MM+ that can export in Cabrillo format.

If you logged on paper, please create your entry online or generate a Cabrillo file offline
using a program such as Fast Log Entry by DF3CB, then submit that.

The logs-received lists are updated frequently during October.

If your logs are not shown as received, please try the upload again
or email us for assistance ... before November please

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New Zealand Amateur Radio Transmitters
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