Limber-up for the Oceania DX contest 2018

Napier, October 3, 2018: there are just days remaining to prepare for the 2018 Oceania DX  Contest.

Whether you intend to enter or simply participate and have fun, now is a good time to complete your final preparations:

  • Check the rules carefully (note: there have been changes since 2017!);
  • Setup the contest logger such as N1MM+ with the latest software updates (and PC patches?) and DXcluster feed (if you welcome the assistance), check the help/operating tips, and label the keyboard function keys to reduce brain-strain and finger-trouble;
  • Check your station clock/s, especially your logging computer;
  • Check out the radio equipment of course, including the ATU/matching and switching arrangements, rotator and the cables;
  • Tidy up the operating desk - clear a space at least and sort out the ergonomics e.g. comfortable seat and headphones, a hands-free microphone, paddle and keyer in the right place, an opening window and maybe a fan or air conditioning if it is likely to get warm, a scratch pad and pen for scribbled notes;
  • If you are using a voice or CW keyer and other peripherals, check the battery voltage, replace them or at least have spare batteries to hand;
  • Keep a close eye on propagation, especially those greyline openings on the low bands and brief flickers of interest on the high bands;
  • Limber-up by getting on air for busy periods;
  • Determine your strategy: what section attracts you most?  What will you do differently this year compared to previous years?  Which will be your “money band/s”?  Which propagation paths are you keen to exploit?  If you won’t operate the full 24 hours, when do you plan to take your break/s?  Where and how will you rest?
  • Browse your previous entries and notes, results, records and awards on offer to line-up your 2018 targets;
  • Broach the subject of space and/or support from your family/significant others during the contest e.g. plenty of hot or cold drinks, and meals before or after the greylines please;
  • Sleep!  Seriously, taking plenty of rest before the event will build your reserves for a marathon session and peak performance when things get really hectic.

As usual, a heady mix of Oceania DXpeditioners and residents will be active during the contest making this an excellent opportunity for DXers as well as contesters.  Listen out for DXpeditioners such as 5W0GC, C21GJ, E6Y, VK9/JO7GVC, VK9/JK7LXU, VK9BF, VK9EV, VK9QR and VK9PM (Norfolk Island), KH8/VK4MAP, T88HS & T88WM, WH8/DL2AH and others, in addition to resident hams from 9M6, A31, DU, E51, FK, KH6, T32, V73, V85, VK, YB and ZL.


About the contest: originally known as the VK/ZL Contest, the Oceania DX Contest ( has been running since the 1930s. This is a rare beast - a flourishing DX contest with steadily increasing activity from within Oceania and beyond.

The 2018 OCDX contest stakes place on October 6-7 2018 (PHONE) and October 13-14 2018 (CW).

The OceaniaDXcontest logo was created by the OCDX contest committee and placed in the public domain - you are very welcome to reproduce it and help make the 2018 event a roaring success.

Oceania DX contest news contact:  Gary ZL2iFB




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OCDX Press Release 2018-3

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