Oceania DX contest 2017 is over!

We are pleased to have received ~100 more entries than 2016:
see who has submitted logs for the PHONE and CW sections.

The cross-checking and marking are well under way.  The results will be published here as soon as possible,
hopefully by May.  Sorry it takes so long but there’s lots to do, and it’s important to be fair to everyone.

Further stories and photos of the event are very welcome.

How did OCDX 2017 go for you - the high and low points?  What worked?  What broke?
What was your most memorable contact?  What will you be doing differently this year?

We would love to hear from you. Please email the committee: info@oceaniaDXcontest.com

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This is the station of
YL contester
Threeza DW3TRZ.

Just sharing my simple antennas and humble

Also promoting Amazing
Young Ladies in Ham Radio.”

Thanks Threeza.
Good luck to you and all the
YL contesters out there.

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New Zealand Amateur Radio Transmitters
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