JJ0SFV-0 QRP mobile 350The 2016 Oceania DX (OCDX) contest is over.

Don’t forget to submit your log
before the end of this month:


October 1 Email your phone log to ph@oceaniaDXcontest.com and
check that it shows up on the list of phone logs within an hour or so.

October 8 Email your CW log to cw@oceaniaDXcontest.com and
check that it soon appears on the list of CW logs received.

October 8 Email your SWL log to info@oceaniaDXcontest.com and
check the news page (it may take a day or two to appear there).

Logs rcvd

At the present rate, we should match last year’s total of logs received but it’s a close call.  Will we get another 60 logs before the deadline?  Even modest logs and check-logs are very welcome so that we can cross-check QSOs and send your certificate or award.

If you have a spare moment, please send a summary of your phone and CW entry to the 3830 claimed scores listWe plan to trawl the 3830 reflector and your Cabrillo soapbox comments for the contest write-up plus this website, supplementing your stories and photos emailed directly to the OCDX news desk.  Keep ‘em coming! 

About Oceania DX contest

The historic OCDX contest has been running since the mid-1930s.   This annual competition promotes shortwave contacts between amateur radio stations in Oceania and DX (the rest of the world).

We are compiling information about getting on the air from Oceania and advice on entering your first ever contestGet in touch with your queries and tips to share.


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