Oceania DX contest 2017 results published

Despite the tough conditions, 2017 saw a bumper contest entry with more than 1,300 logs received from KH6, VK, YB and ZL plus several rarer Oceania entitites including 9M6, A31, DU, E51, FK, T32, T88, V73, V85 and VK9, and DXers across the globe. Special shout-outs:

  • Top 6 countriesXenia ZL4YL won Oceania PHONE and CW SO 40M HP, breaking her dad’s record in the process;
  • Victor N8OO/5 was king of the hill in North America for PHONE and CW SO ALL HP categories, setting a new North America record;
  • Gary N7IR set a new North America CW SO ALL LP record;
  • Yoshihiro JA2KVB set a new Asia CW SO ALL LP record;
  • Eugene RA0FF set a new Asia CW SO ALL HP record;
  • In the SO ALL HP section, Andrew VK4NM and Peter VK4FG were neck-and-neck on phone while Alan VK4SN and Barry VK2BJ went toe-to-toe (key-to-key?) on CW;
  • Geelong Amateur Radio Club submitted 7 eligible logs, winning the Australia Club Plaque for the fifth straight year!

Detailed OCDX 2017 results are here

Congratulations to all the winners, commiserations to the rest ... and a massive thank you to everyone who contributed to this highly successful event.  Visit the results page for the tabulated results and download your certificate/s and browse entrants’ photos.

Thank you for your patience and sorry for the delay publishing the 2017 results. With additional automation, we hope to publish the results of this year’s contest much sooner after the event.

Announcing the Oceania DX Contest 2018

With the ink barely dry on the 2017 results, we are already looking forward to the next OCDX contest taking place on the first two weekends of October 2018.  See our press release here.

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