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Oceania Entities

Here's a list of valid Oceania prefixes for your guidance. Note that this may change so if in doubt, check the ARRL Website for updates. Here is another link to the IARU WAC page that has an excellent paragraph clarifying which continent some more tricky countries lie in.

3D2    Fiji
3D2/c    Conway Reef
3D2/r    Rotuma Is.
4W    East Timor
5W    Samoa
9M6, 9M8    East Malaysia
A35    Kingdom of Tonga
C2    Nauru
DU-DZ    Philippines
E5    South Cook Is.
E5/n    North Cook Is.
E6    Niue
FK    New Caledonia
FK/c    Chesterfield Is.
FO    French Polynesia
FO/a    Austral Is.
FO/m    Marquesas Is.
FW    Wallis & Futuna Is.
H40    Temotu Province
H44    Solomon Is.
JD1/mt    Minami Torishima
KH0    Mariana Is.
KH1    Baker & Howland Is.
KH2    Guam
KH3    Johnston Is.
KH4    Midway Is.
KH5    Palmyra & Jarvis Is.
KH5K    Kingman Reef
KH6,KH7    Hawaii
KH7K    Kure Is.
KH8    American Samoa
KH8/s    Swains Is.
KH9    Wake Is.
P29    Papua New Guinea
T2    Tuvalu
T30    West Kiribati
T31    Central Kiribati
T32    East Kiribati
T33    Banaba Is. (OceanIs.)
T8    Palau
V6    Micronesia
V7    Marshall Is.
V8    Brunei
VK    Australia
VK0    Macquarie Is.
VK9C    Cocos (Keeling) Is.
VK9L    Lord Howe Is.
VK9M    Mellish    Reef
VK9N    Norfolk    Is.
VK9W    Willis    Is.
VK9X    Christmas Is.
VP6    Pitcairn Is.
VP6/d    Ducie Is.
YB-YH    Indonesia
YJ    Vanuatu
ZK3    Tokelau    Is.
ZL,ZM    New Zealand
ZL7    Chatham    Is.
ZL8    Kermadec Is.
ZL9    Auckland & Campbell Is.

Last revised: 17 June 2015

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