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Software supporting the Oceania DX Contest

An increasing number of contest software loggers are supporting the Oceania DX Contest, evidence of it's growing importance in the contest world. A brief review of the various packages follows. Click on the software title to visit the website.

Live scoring is available at http://www.getscores.org

Note for SWL Logs:

Unfortunately there do not appear to be any software packages that correctly record SWL QSOs. This means that we still have to manually check SWL logs.
It also means that we will relax the rules for a paper SWL log with more than 50 QSOs, and a non-Cabrillo text SWL log via email is also acceptable.
Marek, SP7DQR has produced a freeware program that you can use to create a Cabrillo formatted log for electronic submission.

Important - please note before submitting your log:
The "callsign" part of callsign.log must match the CALLSIGN: field in the Cabrillo file. Portable stations such as EI/W5GN must use the '-' symbol in the file the name because the '/' symbol is reserved by the operating system. Therefore, in this example, the Cabrillo file for EI/W5GN is named ei-w5gn.log

The LM software for creating and editing post contest Cabrillo logs can be downloaded from http://contestsoftware.com/e/whatslm.htm . We have not tried this software but the information on the LM web page indicates that it may be a useful option for entrants who wish to convert their non-Cabrillo or paper logs to the required Cabrillo format. The LM software supports the OCDX contest for logs from non-Oceania stations. Oceania entrants may also be to use this option, or alternatively they can use the CQ WW WPX option can be used. The scoring will be wrong but that doesn't matter, all logs are re-scored as part our log checking process.

N3FJP log now supports the Oceania Contests

Log4Win now supports the contest

UCX Log by DL7UCX is Freeware and supports the OC DX Contest

SD by EI5DI supports SO Unassisted entries in many HF contests (150 templates supplied). It runs on Windows PCs and is free.

DxKeeper, part of the DxLab freeware suite of programs fully supports the contest.

OH2GI's software Hamsystem has supported Oceania DX Contest for many years.

Win-Test supports the Oceania DX Contest

N1MM Logger now supports the Oceania DX Contest (Freeware)

AALog contest module now supports the Oceania DX Contest

CT is one of the most popular contest logging packages and includes support for all categories in the Oceania DX Contest. CT is now Freeware

Writelog . The Oceania module is now fully operational.

Gen Log Another excellent Freeware logger

TR Log has been updated to include the Oceania Dx Contest. TR is a DOS based programme that also works under Windows and provides great flexibility in it's configuration system to account for different operating styles and equipment.

VKCL is a free logging programme by VK3AVV that supports a number of Australian and international contests, including the Oceania DX Contest.

Quickscore Freeware program by VK4EMM. Converts and scores older CT BIN files in the Oceania format.

Alternatively entrants can use the forms at http://www.b4h.net/cabforms/ to
manually create and submit a Cabrillo file.

Most of these files will need Winzip to unpack them, available free here: www.winzip.com

You'll also need to have Adobe Acrobat to read the results, get it free here: Get Adobe Reader

Any more?

Please send us email if you know of any other software that supports this contest.


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Last revised: 16 April 2015

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