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Oceania DX Contest
2020 rules


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  • OCDX starts and finishes 2 hours earlier than usual this year: the OCDX 2020 Phone and CW contests run from 06:00z Saturday until 06:00z Sunday.
  • Observe the COVID-19 laws, regulations and guidance that apply in your situation.
  • SWLs please note: a given 'station being worked' callsign can only appear in up to 3 consecutive QSOs on a single band, so you can’t simply monitor a single transmitting station, logging everyone he works for hours on end!  Please check rule 7g carefully.
  • Only one plaque or trophy will be awarded per entry. For example, a station winning a continent plaque will not also receive the country award - it will go to the runner-up instead.


Phone contest: 06:00 UTC Saturday 3 October to 06:00 UTC Sunday 4 October 2020
CW contest: 06:00 UTC Saturday 10 October to 06:00 UTC Sunday 11 October 2020

These are separate contests on successive weekends:
feel free to enter either ... or both!

3. AIM

  • OCDX promotes HF contacts with stations in the Oceania region.
    • Oceania transmitting entrants contact as many stations as possible, anywhere in the world.
    • DX transmitting entrants contact as many Oceania stations as possible.
    • Oceania SWLs copy and log as many contest stations as possible, anywhere in the world.
    • DX SWLs copy and log as many contest stations in Oceania as possible.










Points per QSO







  • The Phone and CW contests are scored separately.
  • Prefixes are multipliers (e.g. N8, W8, WD8, HG1, HG19, KC2, OE2, OE25, LY1000, VK2 ...) on each band on which you work them. 
    • For multiplier purposes, prefixes and callsigns without numbers are notionally assigned a zero e.g. PA/N8BJQ counts as PA0, and XEFTJW counts as XE0. All callsigns should however be logged as sent.
    • Maritime mobile, mobile, /A, /E, /J, /P, or interim license class identifiers do not count as prefixes.
    • Special event, commemorative and other unique prefix stations are welcome.
  • The total score is the (sum of the Contact Points) multiplied by the (sum of the Multipliers).


  • Transmitting Single Operator:
    • QRP (SO QRP) 5 watts
    • low power (SO LP) 100 watts
    • high power (SO HP) the lesser of license limit or 1500 watts
  • Transmitting Multiple Operators
    • Single Transmitter (M1)
    • Two Transmitters (M2)
    • Multiple Transmitters (MM)
  • Short Wave Listener (SWL)
  • DXcluster assistance is permitted in all categories, with the usual restrictions (see the full rules for details)


  • Participants typically call “CQ Oceania” on phone, and “CQ OC” on CW.
  • Contest exchanges are signal reports plus serial numbers.
  • Be careful to log callsigns and reports accurately, especially multipliers, since typos can be costly.
  • If someone does not send you a serial number, pretend they sent you 001.
  • To help the adjudicators cross-check other entrants’ logs, please log every completed QSO:
    • Log zero-point QSOs (e.g. if DX stations work other DX stations)’
    • Log any duplicate QSOs’
    • Single band entrants: log your QSOs made on all bands (the Cabrillo header tells us which band you are entering)’
    • If you participate but choose not to enter, a checklog would be welcome for the same reason.



  • The OCDX contests are adjudicated electronically, hence we need your electronic logs.
  • If possible, use contest logging software to generate a Cabrillo file, then upload it using the on-line submission form.
  • Otherwise please use the online form or some other means to generate a valid plain text column-aligned Cabrillo file, then upload that.
    • Provided you made less than 50 contacts, you can mail in a legible paper log with a summary sheet (see the official rules for details).
  • Get your log in before November!
  • Every submitted entry will be checked and given a final score as part of the adjudication process ... but naturally you are welcome to calculate your claimed score and hope that’s close!
  • A veritable profusion of certificates, trophies and plaques will be awarded.
  • Please email the Committee at if you have any problems entering.
  • Good luck!


  • The OCDX Committee welcomes your feedback on the contest through
    • If you believe the rules should be changed to improve the competition in some way, please let us know
    • We don’t promise to make changes but rest assured your suggestions will be taken seriously.
    • If you are happy with the way things are, we’d like to know that too!
  • Photos and contest write-ups are very welcome.
    • Additional good-quality content helps us make the contest reports, website, press releases etc. more interesting and engaging.
    • Please send us good sized (medium to high resolution) original photos.
      • If they are suitable for publication (e.g. here on the website and/or in the contest write-up and publicity materials), we will crop, resize and label them accordingly.
      • Please help us by stating names, callsigns, locations etc.
    • Brief soapbox comments can be included in the Cabrillo log.
    • Longer comments, all the way up to complete articles about your entry, can be emailed to
      • These are welcome at any time prior to publishing the results, the sooner the better.
      • Please indicate explicitly whether your submissions are solely for internal/private use by the Committee, otherwise they may be published.
      • We don’t promise to publish your content, but if we do, we reserve the right to make editorial changes e.g. for length and style, if for some reason we choose not to quote you verbatim.
  • We may email you for further information about your entry, log, station, comments etc.



Future OCDX dates for your diary



First full weekend in October


... the following weekend


Oct 2 to Oct 3

Oct 9 to Oct 10


Oct 1 to Oct 2

Oct 8 to Oct 9


Oct 7 to Oct 8
Not the previous weekend!

Oct 14 to Oct 15


Oct 5 to Oct 6

Oct 12 to Oct 13


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