2023 Phone Full Results

Various filters are provided to help you analyse the historical data. They can be applied cumulatively and can be cleared by selecting the “Clear Filters” button.

  • Call: enter a callsign you wish to enquire about
  • Year: Pick a year
  • Continent: look at the results for a particular continent
  • Country: look at the results within a selected country
  • Category: look at the results within a category – SO HP = Single Operator High Power (>100W); SO LP = Single Operator Low Power (5-100W); SO QRP = Single Operator QRP (<5W); MS = Multi-One; M2 = Multi-Two; MM = Multi-Multi; SWL = Short Wave Listener; CK = Check Log. Single Band entries have the band name also available.
  • World/Continent/Country Rankings: enter “1” in the respective filter to see the respective winner. Rows are highlighted in Yellow for Worldwide winners, Green for continent winners and Blue for country winners.
  • Operators: search the operators section – particularly for Multi-Op stations
  • Clubs: search for your club records

Note buttons are also provided for you to download the data in Excel or CSV formats.

Phone Contest - 2023 Full Results