CW Historical Records

As of 1st January 2024, this data set includes results up to the 2023 contest.

Various filters are provided to help you analyse the historical data. They can be applied cumulatively and can be cleared by selecting the “Clear Filters” button.

  • Call: enter a callsign you wish to enquire about
  • Year: Pick a year
  • Continent: look at the results for a particular continent
  • Country: look at the results within a selected country
  • Category: look at the results within a category – SO HP = Single Operator High Power (>100W); SO LP = Single Operator Low Power (5-100W); SO QRP = Single Operator QRP (<5W); MS = Multi-One; M2 = Multi-Two; MM = Multi-Multi; SWL = Short Wave Listener; CK = Check Log. Single Band entries have the band name also available.
  • World/Continent/Country Rankings: enter “1” in the respective filter to see the respective winner. Rows are highlighted in Yellow for Worldwide winners, Green for continent winners and Blue for country winners.
  • Operators: search the operators section – particularly for Multi-Op stations

Note buttons are also provided for you to download the data in Excel or CSV formats.

CW Contest - Historical Records