SSB Raw Scores – 2022

Raw scores as calculated before log checking. Does not include paper logs, SWL scores have not been calculated. Send questions to
Updated: 2022-11-20

Entry category abbreviationsALL = all bands, CK = check log, HP = high power (total output power greater than 100 Watts), LP = low power (total output power no more than 100 Watts), QRP = reduced power (total output power no more than 5W), M1 = multiple operators and single transmitter, M2 = multiple operators and two transmitters, MS = multi-single, MM = multiple operators and multiple transmitters, SO = single operator, and SWL = shortwave listener. Note: the M1 and M2 categories replaced the MS category in 2010, the LP and HP categories were introduced in 2010, and the QRP categories were introduced in 2014

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SSB Raw Scores - 2022