The successful running of the OCDX contest is a large team effort involving contributions from around the world. The log uploading, log checking and certificate production processes are now largely automated but committee members still contribute many hours of effort per annum to manage these processes along with writing up and publishing the annual results, administering the sponsorship and distribution of plaques, and promoting the contest.

The support of the following individuals and organisations is acknowledged and greatly appreciated:

  • Ken K1EA for supplying and maintaining our log checking software.
  • Trey N5KO for his support in maintaining the on-line log repository
  • Bruce WA7BNM for developing and maintaining the contest web portal for the uploading of logs, delivering certificates and log checking reports, and the provision of the on-line web form for converting non-Cabrillo logs to Cabrillo format.
  • Mike ZL1AXG for hosting the domain name and email services
  • Grant VK5GR, Matthew VK5ZM, Mark VK5QI and the team at the Amateur Radio Experimenter’s Group for supplying and maintaining the Webserver Infrastructure
  • NZART, WIA and the other sponsors of awards.
  • Gary ZL2IFB for his work on marketing and promotion through the previous website.

73 from Oceania DX Contest Committee

(Lee VK3GK, Brian VK3MI/ZL1AZE, Tony VK3TZ, Phil VK4FH, Martin VK7GN, Karsono YB0NDT, Mike ZL1AXG, Grant VK5GR and Geoff ZL3GA)