Ken Jewell VK3AKK Memorial Plaque

Ken Jewell VK3AKK Memorial Plaque sponsored by VK3ALB and VK3FJEN

  • Purpose: to remember an outstanding DXer, Ken Jewell VK3AKK, SK in May 2017. Ken was an avid DXer at the very top of the WIA DX leader board in the Multi Mode Open category.  He reached the top of Honor Roll and achieved an impressive all-time DXCC total of 358. He was a keen CW operator who particularly enjoyed the 15m band.
  • Ken was a life member and generous sponsor of the Geelong Amateur Radio Club.  He was an enthusiastic trainer that gave his time generously to scout organizations and the GARC to introduce newcomers to the radio hobby.  Ken was a keen motivator, encouraging his club to get involved in the Oceania Contest. Through his encouragement the GARC won the Oceania club plaque five years in a row.
  • Ken, we miss your big booming voice.
  • Sponsors: Lou Blasco VK3ALB and Jenni Blasco VK3FJEN
  • Eligibility: top entrant from Oceania in CW single-operator 15m band category