Logging Software

Contest Logging Software

There are many logging programs available that can help you when contesting Two that are popular in VK/ZL land are the N1MM logger and the VKCL Logger written by Mike VK3AVV.

Be sure to load and run your logging software well before the contest starts and get everything set up right.

N1MM Logger+, for instance, will offer to update itself to the latest release – not something you want to be doing in the last few seconds before the off!

Configuring N1MM for the Oceania DX Contest

To set up a new log for the OCDX Contest in N1MM, select the contest in the New log in database dialogue under the File menu above the QSO entry panel: select OCEANIASSB or OCEANIACW in the list of supported contests.  Enter the contest start date and time, and select whichever category you intend to operate. If you’re not sure, there’s a convenient button to bring you to this website to check the rules.

N1MM Logger+ OCDX setup

N1MM Logger+ OCDX category setup