Less than 3 Days to go to the 76th Oceania SSB DX Contest!

The start time is nearly upon us for the 76th running of the Oceania DX Contest – when the world looks to work as much of Oceania as they can in 24 hours. The curtain goes up at 0600z on Saturday 2nd October. Based on the propagation we saw last week during CQ WW RTTY there should be some very good opportunities to work Oceania on many bands from at least 80m to 15m and perhaps even 10m if we are lucky. Don’t forget to also look at the long paths, particularly on 20 and 40m. Long path USA and Long path EU from VK last week was very much alive and well!

Contest Rules for 2021

If you wish to participate this year, we highly recommend you take a look at the contest rules. They are available here:

New Plaques

This year sees a couple of changes to the plaques and awards on offer. It is the first time that YL entrants will be competing for the coveted Florence McKenzie (Mrs Mac) Award in Oceania and the Austine Henry YL Award for operators world wide (outside of Oceania).

In addition, for our Indonesian competitors, there is a new plaque on offer for the INDONESIA CW Single Operator All Band Low Power category which is being sponsored by Karsono Suyanto YB0NDT!


You can find out more about our plaques, trophies and awards from our awards page

Log Submission

To submit your logs to this year’s contests you can click here

Logs for both the SSB and the CW contest must be received no later than 2359z October 31st 2021 to be considered for this year’s contest.


Thanks to all of our sponsors!

Thanks again to all of our sponsors! Without you, we would not have such a rich range of awards available to entice competitors into taking part!

Ken N6RO  Lou VK3ALB Jenni VK3FJEN   Lee VK3GK  Tony VK3XV  Chris VK3QB  Slawek VK3CTN  Diane VK4DI  Mike VK4QS  Bill VK4ZD  Mark VK5QI Matthew VK5ZM Mirek VK6DXI (SK)  Martin VK7GN  Wes W3SE/ZL3TE  Karsono YB0NDT  Endah YB3VI  Lee ZL2AL (SK)  Brian VK3MI/ZL1AZE  Mike ZL2CC  Win ZL2GI  Jacky ZL3CW  Phil ZL3PAH