2021 Contest Log Submissions Closed – Raw Scores available!

Dennis 4I1EAY – OCDX SSB 2021 participant

Firstly a big thank you to everyone who entered the 2021 Oceania DX Contests. We broke our record for the number of logs that have been received this year with 1174 SSB logs and 725 CW logs being received by the deadline of October 31st 2021! That’s a fantastic result.

The Oceania DX Contest committee is also pleased to announce that the raw scores are now available. Raw scores are as initially calculated before log checking. Not all SWL raw scores have been calculated.

The 2021 SSB Raw scores can be accessed (here)

The 2021 CW Raw scores can be accessed (here)

The full and final results will be available once the log cross checking and validation work is complete. Thank you all for your participation and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2022!