Announcement: Oceania Contest Committee Member Changes

We regretfully announce that the following OCDX contest committee members have recently decided to step down. The reasons were all personal although unease with the nature and direction of the debate on the participation of Russian and Belarusian stations in the 2022 contest was a common contributing factor.

We are most grateful to these former committee members for their loyal service and personal sacrifice to support the successful running of the OCDX contest over many years. In particular, our success in growing the participation from 473 logs in 2001 to a total 1908 logs in 2021 would not have been possible without the selfless leadership and contributions from Martin VK7GN and Geoff ZL3GA for more than two decades.

Martin Luther VK7GN – Martin was a key advocate and foundation member of the OCDX Contest committee when it was first established by the WIA and NZART in 2001 with the objective of rejuvenating the contest and reversing the ongoing decline in participation. He was a significant contributor to the work of the committee including managing the finances for many years and more recently leading the marketing campaigns.

Geoff Clark ZL3GA – Like Martin, Geoff was also a foundation member of the committee since it kicked off in 2001. He has done much of the heavy lifting over the years including being our webmaster until 2015 and managing the production of the online certificates.

Mike Charteris VK4QS – Mike was with us since 2020 and has contributed to both researching the history of the contest and assisting with the marketing, including helping pen several promotional articles in overseas journals.

Mark Sullivan ZL3AB – Mark was only with the committee since July 2022 but we valued his input to the planning for the 2022 contest.