Oceania DX Contest: New Website Released

Website Upgrade Complete!

The Oceania DX Contest committee is pleased to announce that a long planned upgrade of the contest website is now complete! The committee wishes to thank the Amateur Radio Experimenters Group, Matt VK5ZM, Mark VK5QI and in particular Grant VK5GR who have together donated hosting and web services and undertaken a rebuild of the system, including porting all of the content from the old site. With the new platform and web engine now in place, we hope to bring further improvements and new features to the site into the future.

Thank You to our Volunteers

At the same time, the committee wishes to thank Gary ZL2IFB, who has managed the original website for many years now, for all of his efforts. Thank you also to Mike ZL1AXG for his hosting and technical support of the previous system.

We also want to welcome Geoff ZL3GA and Grant VK5GR to the web editorial team!

Would you like some more Good News?

Now that the website project is complete we can also advise that the results of the 2020 contest are now not very far away. Stay tuned as we prepare to load them into the new server!

Apologies: Delays with 2019 Plaques due to COVID

The results of the 2019 OCDX contests are available here.

Well done to all who entered, especially of course those who made it to the winners’ podium, earned plaques, trophies and certificates, ran QRP, and set new OCDX records.

The 2019 contest plaques are not yet sent. We have prepared the plaques however due to the COVID 19 situation in Victoria Australia, we are in lockdown and this is impacting our postal service with a restriction on parcel delivery services. We are unable to send the plaques at this time – but they are ready, packaged and addressed. They will be posted as soon as the restrictions are removed. Apologies but this matter is out of our control at this time. This is impacting all of our international recipients but we are hopeful that we will be able to send the plaques very soon.

Seeking Photos of Oceania DX Contest Activity!

May 12th 2020: we’d love to receive further photos, feedback, operating tips and historical information about OCDX to enhance this website and encourage others to enter the next event.  How did you get on in the 2019 contest?  What are you planning to do differently this year?  What are you hoping to get out of the next one?  Please take a moment to email the OCDX Committee we enjoy and really appreciate your input.

2019 OCDX Contest Results Released!

May 10th 2020: the results of the 2019 OCDX contest are published.  Congrats all! A full report can be found (here).

We have also published the (revised) 2020 rules with a simplified plain-English summary and new times, added some historical photos to the Photo Gallery, and published a fascinating article about a first-time entry in OCDX using QRP.

Please bear with us as we battle bugs in the web authoring software to find and fix any broken links, missing captions and errors in the content.  If you spot anything amiss, email

Meanwhile, we are busy circulating the 2019 results and starting to promote the upcoming 75th Oceania DX Contest.