2019 Oceania DX Contest results

Click for OCDX 2019 report
The results of the 2019 OCDX contests are out now.

40M was clearly the place to be in 2019
with twice as many 40M QSOs
as on all the other bands combined!

The full results write-up is here.

Well done to all who entered, especially of course
those who made it to the winners’ podium,
earned plaques, trophies and certificates,
ran QRP, and set new OCDX records.

Good luck in the 2020 OCDX contest ...


Announcing the 2020 Oceania DX Contest

This year’s contests take place as usual on the first and second weekends of October:

Phone: 06:00 UTC Saturday 3 October to 06:00 UTC Sunday 4 October 2020
      CW: 06:00 UTC Saturday 10 October to 06:00 UTC Sunday 11 October 2020

Note: OCDX contest starts and finishes 2 hours earlier than usual this year.
Set a reminder alarm on your diary.  Don’t be late!

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